Dog and fox both met in Norway forests
 Tinni the dog belongs to Torgeir Berge
one day he saw both playing together ,
he followed them and take good snaps

Friendship between Dog and fox

Who dare to do friendship with lion , 
check out here these 3 dogs make friendship with lion

This is a blind lion one day  three dogs went in lion's cage
 lion didn't hurt them she take care of them like they are her kids

Friendship between lion and dogs

Miracle of  god are speechless,we don't
 how he make two different creatures make best buddies 
this scene is fromBusch Gardens (USA)

wonderful friendship between Ostrich and Giraffe

Once a drug dealer owned these three animals and abused them terribly,
 cops rescued them,and kept in different places, 
they can't bare that they make lot of noise and they roar ,
once they put them together they  hug each other and calm down 
it cute to watch all 3 of them
 today they live much happier lives at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.

Friendship of three wild animals, lion, tiger and bear

red color cakes

  tango  Daughter of nano coming soon 
single  sitter  car  
The ultra-narrow Tango NCV (Narrow Commuter Vehicle) is all electric and can accelerate from 0-60 in 4 seconds, with race car roll cage, lane splitting, and perpendicular parking

tango single sitter car

Andres is an amazing artist his art is on beach   
Facebook account  AndresAmadorArts
for more 

Andres amazing beach art

How cute the dog and the wild boar piglet become best buddies 

best buddies The Dog and the Wild Boar Piglet

10 amazing body arts