Cheese is a food derived from milk that is produced in a wide range of flavours, textures, 
and forms by coagulation of the milk protein casein. It comprises proteins and fat from milk, 
usually the milk of cows, buffalo, goats, or sheep

Cheese Paper

To keep cheese fresh for as long as possible,cheese bags or cheese paper
is the best way to store it.It's porous, so it protects the cheese from air
exposure while still allowing it to breathe. There aren't many manufacturers
out there besides Formaticum, but it's well worth the investment. It's a two-
ply material made of wax-coated paper and a thin porous polyethylene
plastic, which allows moisture to wick, but not totally escape.

#2Wax or Parchment Paper

 If you can't find or don't want to buy cheese paper, wrap it in wax or
parchment paper, then put it in a partially sealed plastic bag. The paper
creates a barrier between the cheese and the plastic, while the plastic keeps
it from getting dry. If it's pre-sliced, you can wrap the slices in paper and put
them back in the original unclosed bag. You can also surround the wax or
parchment paper with aluminum foil, if you want to stray completely away
from plastic. This is the method that Lisa used in her comparison to cheese
bags, but it's still going to last a lot longer than keeping it as is from store to
fridge.  For the best possible package, check out Jake Lahne's step-by-step
guide to wrapping a chunk of cheese on Serious Eats.

 #3 Replace Parchment Paper every time you unwrap cheese

For cheeses that sweat a lot, you'll want to actually replace the cheese, wax,
or parchment paper every time you unwrap it. Reused materials won't give
you the same breathable seal that you had before, so start fresh for longer
lasting results.

 #4 Write date on Before you put it in the fridge,

label your cheese with the type and the date you wrapped it. Cheese is best
when it's freshest, so dating it helps remind you how long it's been in there.

 #5 keep cheese in vegetable dryer

 Ideally, cheese should be kept between 35 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
Freezing can cause the texture to degrade, so the best place to store cheese
is as far from the freezer as possible. Keep it in the vegetable drawer or on a
 bottom shelf where the temperature is consistent but not too cold.

5 ways to keep cheese fresh for long period in fridge

How earth formed ? 

A few Billion years back  there was a blast  happen in space 
it was an accident its a  Bigbang 

About a half a million years after the big bang, the cosmos
 began to cool, as it cooled, the hot subatomic particles that 
constituted the early universe began to slow down and stop 
colliding with each other long enough so that protons, neutrons 
and electrons could form. The universe cooled further and the hot
 particles slowed further still allowing these particles to stay together
 long enough to create atoms.

The universe was nothing but a cloud of hydrogen and helium. 

Slowly, the universe continued to cool and structure begins to
 present itself within this universal cloud. From small disturbances 
woven into space time the galaxies begin to collect, tiny variations
 in the primordial universe became the web that collected galaxies
and gave the cosmos its form.

hydrogen  gas come   to  one small place  its  the  formation of universe

These galaxies become distributed along these structures, 
dancing within their gravitational fields, forming giant tendrils
 reaching out across the span of eternity.

Until just a few short decades ago, astronomers thought 

the universe was static and unchanging, we didn't even 
know there were other galaxies until the 20th century. 
Thheavens was a place of constancy and uniformity,
 the stars and planets were always there and they always
 would be - steady and unchanging. Instead we have 
learned that the cosmos is a seething cauldron of activity, 
as alive and vibrant as any one of us.

Stars are born, shine and explode; 
winds blow huge storms of gas across 
interstellar space; black holes devour all 
they touch; galaxies collide with each other, 
spraying stars into eternity.

And space time itself grows larger by the minute.

The universe is far from a static place. As giant stars explode
 after living out their lives, they stream out the elements of life, 
carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, iron, all the necessary components 
for planets to form and for life to begin. We are more connected to
 the universe than we know, the stars are our ascendants (forefathers),
 we are their progeny.

Formation of Earth

China has unveiled the world’s longest sea bridge, 
which stretches a massive 26.4 miles – 
five miles further than the distance between 
Dover and Calais and longer than a marathon.

According to the Guinness World Records book, the previous record-holder for a bridge over water is the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway in Louisiana. The Chinese bridge is more than four kilometres longer

World's longest sea bridge in china

Do you  know eating breakfast is very important,
cause it is set to ate at A.M.  and also
a good breakfast  makes you fit and active at work .
A hungry tummy never concentrate at work ,
some foods leads us sick and causes cancer
here are  some  breakfast foods  to avoid

1. Muffin
Most caloric breakfast foods
 Muffins are also made with high fat quantities, a decent portion of which is saturated. Forget the low-fat versions, too; they still contain a similar quantity of sugar to the regular versions. Don’t be fooled by the bran or muesli muffins that contain fruit because they contain too little goodness to negate the sugars and fats.

2.Bacon, ham and sausage
Those who  eat  meat at morning they should stop now,
cause  meat has nitrates that are causes cancer
the Institute for Cancer Research published a list of the top ten things
you can do to reduce your risk of cancer

cereals are  one of the choice on this list of worst breakfast foods,
plenty of regular cereals are actually packed with sugar and, thus,
 warrant a place here for the simple fact that you’re getting a dose
of something you aren’t fully aware of
Choose a high-fiber one that is low in sugar.

 pancakes is not a healthy option
A pancake is typically a mixture of flour, eggs, milk, and butter.
It’ll be almost always a whole (full fat) milk too

5.Toaster pastries, doughnuts and Danishes
pastries made with refined white flour, but there is much sugar added.
 Sugar is the worst way to fuel you in the morning, because it results in a rapid rise in blood sugar.
 That means you will be hungry sooner and increase your chances of high blood sugar,
obesity and diabetes. If all those health risks are not enough to put you off pastries,
there is the other way they can be detrimental to your health.
As many scientists believe sugar and cancer are linked.

Top 5 worst breakfast foods you should never eat

This week a Youtube video of Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov  grabbed  attention 20 million viewers,
by climbing shanghai tower .They take extraordinary  video  from an  unusual  angle.

 this in their site

Vitaly Raskalov  :-
"Aware of the strict Chinese law, we prepared carefully and picked an appropriate date, the Chinese New Year day. At that time the security was less watchful, workers were on vacations, and cranes did not work. We got to the crane at around midnight. It took us almost two hours to get on the 120th floor by foot. And also, we spend almost 18 hours on top of the building, sleeping and waiting for better weather. The result you can see in our new video."

Insane Shanghai Tower climbed by Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov

this is really an amazing art
this wood sculptures looks so real 
this wooden sculptures are created by  

Realistic wooden art sculptures by Bruno walpoth

Wakakusa Yamayaki is a grass-burning ceremony held on
 Mount Wakakusa located east of Nara Park, Nara City, Japan 

5 amazing pictures of Wakakusa Yamayaki is a grass-burning ceremony Japan

 In Japan some parents 
worried about kids not having lunch in school

so they got this  idea  they
decorated food in such a way kids eat
food without leaving anything

This  kind  of  lunch  box  preparation   is called "Bento"
This   is  a  old tradition in Japan
 everyone  like  this kind  of  Decoration





























50 .







55 different and amazing food art on lunch boxes Japan