These are beautiful pictures taken from the aeroplane from different places check them out 

Beautiful View from Aeroplane windopw

9 Freaking weird Asian Trends Might Blow your mind

Beautiful roads

Every day Ton's of scrap wood going waste  dump trucks 
if we reuse it we can make wonderful furniture, with those scrap wood 
if we reuse scrap wood  we not only save tree we can also make money with the scrap 

Table made with  waste wood materiel

This is another idea to use waste wood 

plying horse for small babies 

Gift statues 

Making ;- Buy or download pictures of animal pictures 
stick it on wood, 
cut the wood slowly in shape   you will get awesome
animal figures 

 You can also make animal key chains with scrap wood 

Stepping stool  

wooden photo frame 

Use you imagination make some wonderful things 
If you don't know  wood craving 
draw a design of your wood model on paper  and  take the wood and your design to carpenter 
show him the design and explain your idea
give suggestions and complete 
your wooden product 

few more wooden Projects 


Reuse waste wood

If you enter here you will be  hopping flight delay for hours 

Lounge Istanbul by Turkish Airlines is the most stunning airport lounge, the world over. Lounge Istanbul is as large as it is visually impressive. The building’s interior is almost 6,000 m2 and can accommodate over 1,000 guests at a time

Beautiful Lounge In Istanbul, Turkish Airlines

1. Avoid low angles ;- if you take people's pictures avoid  low angles 

2. Talk ;- if you are taking any model picture talk with them more, just like look straight , make them feel comfortable

3.Draw and show them pose;- If you want a specific pose  draw a picture and show them what  kind of pose you want , they will give better pose 

4.wait for the moment;- If you want to take nature pictures  you need more patience,for example if you want to take sunset picture , wait for sunset , take 5- 10 picture, one picture  definitely  be good one

5 Side views:- Try not to photograph a subject straight-on, as the shoulders are usually the widest part of the body. Get your subject to turn to the side a little and drop the front shoulder.

basic photography tips

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Happy Teddy Bear Day

 share teddy with your loved once

Cute teddy pictures 

Share love and enjoy  day 
happy teddy day 

Happy Teddy day