Some Inventions are very different

Hi friends  today   i posted about  
some different and  interesting  inventions
hope  u like  it  

Designer Honfay Lui calls it “Matrix.” I call it beautiful. The concept of creating a drainage system that is actually appealing is genius considering we associate waste, trash, loss and just disgust with such a system. Modern, sophisticated and quite impressive, the “Matrix” may bring new meaning to the idea of waste drainage.

Folding Lamp

“Folding Lamp” is made from a 0.8mm sheet of stainless steel pre-scored so all you have to do is fold along the dotted lines. In what order you choose to fold is entirely up to you making each piece a unique item.

Tea Cube

Designer: Jieun Yang & Hanah Suh

This is a design focused on making perfect tasting tea. Any tea guru might be interested in this idea. Connect your tea bag to the clip, drop the tea bag into your cup (water or whatever you use) and then set the timer. The retractable hand will gradually pull your tea bag out of the drink to the top of your cup in the specified time set. It’s surely a possibility for no more bitter or watered down tea, but is it worth simplifying a process that is already so basic, that of just making tea?

 Laptop surface with an air pump feature.Allows  you  to adopt  to any environment.Create a more efficient lap space area to  keep a notebook PC steady. Or just pump and prop it to any  table or  object to create a solid writing  surface even in the oddest situated body positions.