latest mobiles

NamFleG phone

Vertu becomes so “last year” when your eyes meet this gorgeous concept phone, designed by Marat Kudryavtsev and bearing the name of NamFleG. It’s a luxury handsets with a sexy curve at the back and gold highlights. It’s the keys that I don’t like that much, while the edges that surround the display aren’t at all a nice design option.
All in all, Precious metals but its looks aren’t shiny enough to hide the imperfections.

Watch Phone

Decent watch phones are one in a million, but one of those rare gadgets it the Speak To Me concept, designed by Nicolas Nicolaou. This stylish device is a wrist that also possesses mobile phone features and a touchscreen. Speak To Me also features vocal recognition and a scrolling function that allows you to switch between apps and options.

The concept watch phone also packs a camera, that allows the user to take photos and immediately send them to other devices. The on-screen icons of the handset show that it also comes with Internet support, email, Bluetooth and alerts. I wonder if it features an MP3 or video player and how much storage space is available…