RED color

The color red indicates
bravery, purity,happiness, Good luck, fire, energy and blood and emotions that "stir the blood", including anger,passion,love,pain and sacrifice.
Do you know our daily life starts with red

Red Signals
  1. Red is the signal of danger ,that the reason they use red light in Ambulance, fire engine, traffic signals ,it indicates some danger is happening
  2. If sun is bright red Navies feels that something danger will happen
  3. Red is the symbol of win,
  4. our blood is also Red color

According to history of roman ,their war Goddess is mars, mars looks red because of that they chooses as God .

According to Chinese culture they feels Red color
 gives Good luck, that's why they wear red dress in marriage

Most of the state flags contain Red color
Mostly communist parties uses Red color on their flags 

Light Red indicates happiness, Softness, love, Romance,addict
Tomato Red indicates proud
Crimson (Red) indicates Good behavior
Maroon color indicates self confidence and Braveness
Burgundy color indicates Royalty and 
winning nature
Dark red indicates Angry and cruelty

Red color is the symbol of revolution 

Red star is the communist emblem

Fashion Tips;
In winter season those who wear Red color dresses they feel warmness inside

Girls look hot in red

If you wear red color dress you don't need to wear jewelery b,cos you looks Beautiful in Red with out jewelery

Black and red combination is evergreen

In 525-456 BC they use to welcome solders by using Red carpet now it is used in Oscars for welcoming Actors

those who like red they always like royal life