journey through Jesus life

God send gabriel to Mary, tell about Jesus birth

this is the city where Gabriel visit Mary Galilee, nazareth

Jesus real birth place in Bethlehem

the boy Jesus stayed in Jerusalem temple,

Nazareth Jesus grow up here

Jesus baptized in this river
Jesus met Simon here this place is call Sea of Galilee
this is the place where Jesus made miracle wine on marriage

after sabbath Jesus went to Capernaum,
started preaching Gospel
after that Jesus healed sick people

in this place Jesus had last supper

Jesus was betrayed by Judas in Gethsemane

Jesus was judged by pilate in praetorium

I. Jesus is condemned to death.II. Jesus receives His Cross.III. Jesus falls the first time under His Cross.IV. Jesus meets Mary His Mother.V. Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry His Cross.VI. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus.VII. Jesus falls the second time.VIII. Jesus speaks to the women of Jerusalem.IX. Jesus falls the third time.X. Jesus is stripped of His garments.XI. Jesus is nailed to the Cross.XII. Jesus dies on the Cross.XIII. Jesus is taken down from the Cross.XIV. Jesus is laid in the Tomb.
Jesus jouney to cross Hebrew Golgotha

this is the place where Jesus cross is
Hebrew Golgotha

Real tomb of Jesus

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