Facebook is safer social network compare to other social networks

most  of the  people  in the  world  confuses  
which  social network is safe  as  per 
 my  knowledge and  little survey
Face book is quite  safer and  user friendly 

few words about facebook  from  people  view 

Kimmy :-Facebook is quite safe. You can alter your privacy settings so only your friends can see your profile, and if you don't want some of your friends seeing everything, you can give them limited access to your profile 

Lexi :-I feel that facebook is safe.... however this is probably because I got facebook when it was too and only college students could join (you needed a student email).

However, facebook and myspace are both safe if you are careful about them. Don't put up personal information and don't try to meet strangers over them and you should be fine.

Also... facebook does not have lots of spam

John :- i definitely think facebook is safe. what makes a facebook safe is the privacy settings! you can allow certain people to see certain parts of your profile. like people you don't know that well can be placed on your "limited profile list" which means you choose what they can see, including personal info, contact info, certain applications, etc. myspace has none of that. it's either all or nothing. not the case with face. go to www.facebook.com & view the tour. it explains the privacy settings. you know how on facebook, you have "comments" ? and "top 8" and all that jazz? you can allow certain people to see your wall, etc. so if you're skeptical about someone you don't know that well, just don't allow them to see your entire profile. it's the best feature. there are so many features that facebook has that myspace doesn't. there are no pedophiles on facebook because no one can view your profile depending on your privacy settings. like, i have my privacy settings set to only my friends& NO one else. people can add me & message me, but they can't see my actual profile. it's not safe if you don't bother editting your privacy settings, but that's just about it.

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