The Royal Wedding Of Price William & Catherine Middleton

Royal Wedding  
Price   William  & Kate   Middleton 
29th April 2011
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Best wishes  to  William and  kate 
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Thousands of Visitors have lined the half mile to Westminster Abbey to celebrate the marriage of Prince William, the second in line to the throne, and Catherine Middleton today.

1,900 people received their invitations to the Royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton at London's Westminster Abbey on April 29. The heavy card bearing the engraved gold insignia of the Queen of England was delivered to various VIPs from kings to charity leaders, close family and university friends, old schoolmates and prime ministers around the world, People reports. The edges of the card, which is about 10 in. by 6 in., are beveled and then gilded. The simple wording reads that the Lord Chamberlain has been "commanded by the Queen" to invite the holder to the ceremony. Guests are asked to wear military uniform, a morning coat or a "lounge" suit. 600 of the 1,900 invitees have also been invited by the Queen to a reception immediately following the ceremony, and 300 of those are also invited to a dinner hosted by William's father, Prince Charles