Top 10 Popular websites of the month

Top 10 Popular  websites of the  month   


my space is the 10th top viewing website
  90,500,000 Monthly Visitors


bing  reached   9th place with 95,000,000 Monthly Visitors

8th  best  sales website  
it  is in 8th place with  100,000,000  Unique Monthly Visitors


Amazon is a  sales website  it sells  all kinds of  products  
it reached  7th  place with 100,500,000 monthly visitors  

6th Wikipedia

Wikipedia reached  to   6th place
with  250,000,000  unique  monthly visitors 

5th  Msn

Msn  is  one of the cool websites  
it reached 5th  place with    252,000,000    monthly visitors 

4th YouTube

Youtube  is the best  video sharing website 

i am addicted to youtube
most of the people share their videos in this site 
it is 4th place with  400,000,000 monthly visitors


                               yahoo is  one of the best  website  

490,000,000 monthly visitors 
yahoo is the best  of all  

2nd place  reached  2nd place
with 550,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors  
most  of the  youth  addicted  to this website 
people  love  facebook  

1st place.  GOOGLE 
Google  occupied  first place  with  huge  
members  visited sited   600,000,000 Unique Monthly Visitors
Google  encourages unique  website  most people  liking  website  and  brower