who is going to win world cup India or Sri lanka ?

who is going  to  win 2011world cup India or  Sri lanka ?

  Sachin Tendulkar (2965) requires just 35 runs to become the first batsman to aggregate 3000 runs against Sri Lanka in ODIs.
If sachin  made century
 Sachin would become the first batsman to complete 100 international centuries

 Kumar Sangakkara (1946) needs 54 runs to become the second Sri Lankan after Jayasuriya (2899) to complete 2000 runs in ODIs against India.

  Mahela Jayawardene (1886) requires 114 runs to complete his 2000 runs in ODIs against India.

  Muttiah Muralitharan (74) needs just one wicket to become the first bowler to complete 75 wickets against India in ODIs.

  Mahendra Singh Dhoni (5958) requires 42 runs to complete his 6,000 runs in ODIs.

  Gambhir (3976) needs 24 runs to complete his 4,000 runs in ODIs.

 Virat Kohli (1919) needs 81 runs to complete his 2,000 runs in ODIs.
India vs Sri Lanka in ODI/World Cup 

India have a better record than Sri Lanka in ODIs, registering winning % of 57.26 as compared to Sri Lanka's 42.73. India have won 67 and lost 50 out of 128 played - the remaining eleven did not produce results.
India have won four and lost six out of the last ten played against Sri Lanka.
World Cup
Sri Lanka have won four and lost two out of seven played (NR 1) - winning % 66.66 for India and 33.33% for Sri Lanka.
ODIs in India
India have won 28 and lost eleven out of 42 played, the remaining three could not produce results - winning % 71.79 for India and 28.21 for Sri Lanka. 
Overall World Cup
India have won 38 and lost 26 out of 66 played (NR 1 and Tied 1) - winning % 59.23.
Sri Lanka have won and lost the same number of games (31) out of 65 played (NR 2 & Tied 1) - winning % 50.00
Overall ODIs at Mumbai
India have won eight and lost six out of 14 played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai - winning % 57.14.
Sri Lanka have won two and lost two out of four played - winning % 50.00.

who is going  to  win world cup India or  Sri lanka ?