Do you play trivia here are some questions and answers for you

In the X Files what is Mulder's first name?
A: Fox.

Which of the Beatles was the first to be widowed?
A: Paul McCartney.

Which Menacing US sitcom was screened as Just Dennis in the UK?
A: Dennis The Menace.

In which country were the 1996 Olympic Games held?
A: United States.

In Mask Jim Carrey starred as someone working where?
A: A bank.

Who had a 70s No 1 with If You Leave Me Now?
A: Chicago.

What is the postal abbreviation for Indiana?
A: IN.

Which Jeff starred in The Fabulous Baker Boys?
A: Bridges.

IN 1998 actor James Brolin married which singer / actress?
A: Barbra Streisand.

Bill Clinton was Governor of which state when he became President?
A: Arkansas.

Wichita international airport is in which US state?
A: Kansas.

The Dalai Lama fled which country in the 50s?
A: Tibet.

In 1998 Celine Dion and R Kelly sang I'm Your what?
A: Angel.

In which decade did Boris Yeltsin come to power?
A: 1990s.

Woody Allen was born in which decade of the 20th century?
A: 30s.

Which series with Ellen DeGeneres as originally called These Friends of Mine?
A: Ellen.

Which Spanish Salvador was a surrealist artist?
A: Dali.

Which country does golfer Ben Crenshaw come from?

Who had a 70sNo 1 hit with Stayin' Alive?
A: The Bee Gees.

What type of curtain divided eastern and western Europe during the cold war?
A: Iron.

Bandleader Edward Ellington was known by what nickname?
A: Duke.

Which state is called the Garden state?
A: New Jersey.

What did Cecil B de Mille make?
A: Movies.

Which star of Shakespeare in Love guest-edited the magazine Marie Claire?
A: Gwyneth Paltrow.

What was added to Stevie Wonder's name when he was a youngster?
A: Little.