Do you want to know about those people who like Green ?


1. Those who like Green Color   they are  calm , cool
they forgive people , they  accept change,
they  love   nature 

2. those who like  to wear green  color  they  like 
to help people a lot, normally  they will have  more  friends 

3. they wish  to stay with  families,  

4. we can easily  catch their feelings, they cant hide, 
sad or happy feelings  for long time  

5. for every small incidents  or  small 
 happy feeling they will smile  like a  kid  
every beautiful  moments  makes them happy  

these  people have  some faults  

1. they are very  sentimental , they cant express  
what they want,  

2.they don't  care  of themselves , thinking  of  them 
also they feel its bad, 

3.they  take every  small word seriously and  start  cry
we have  to think  twice before  raising voice on them  

4.they scare of  accepting love , they feel  so shy  

5 To make  their friends  happy
  they will  show more interest  and  spend more time

6. these people are dependent, they  depend 
on others ideas, if  any one suggest  some  thing  
they will do it,