How to reduce fat ?

Are you worrying about  your body  fat  
do you want   change  in  your  body
Just change your diet 
your food is  your health
change  your diet now  reduce fat  in your body 
balance of   proteins and carbohydrates 
due  to that  you  will get diabetes ,  blood  pressure, gastic  problems, thyroid problems 
if  you know  how much food  you are eating  and  
how much  proteins is necessary  for  your body  
then  you  don't  get  attacked to any decease  
or   fat problems  

if you  eat  more  proteins    
your  body  gets  fat  excess  of  glucose  
causes diabetes  
reduce  your food eat how much you need 
don't eat excess of  food  

How to take food 
morning  eat breakfast in between  7-9am
if you take egg  dont  drink  milk  in breakfast  
b'cos both are heavy food  it  take time to digest 

afternoon  take lunch in between 12-2pm 
take good food , 

night dinner in between  8-10pm
do not  eat  heavy food  , like pork  or lamb
its take  long time to digest 

sleep  at  before  12.00am  
because  if you sleep quickly  your digestion process will be good
you don't feel in the morning head ache , laziness or  being not to do anything  
normally we  will  today i feel soo lazy  not mood to do any work  its because of  not good sleep  
good  sleep  is a good  health
if you sleep  properly on time  your  health will be  on  control  

what food  to  take 

if  you eat breakfast  at  7-9am  
eat  simple food
if you do gym  then you need  1glass  orange  juice
 and  1 glass of milk good for  your health
b'cos  you loss your excess waste   will go  out through  sweat  
those who dont do  gym or any work out  they need  to  eat less
b'cos   heavy storage of  food  may  cause  diabetes ,
every one must try some exercise  its good for health,
b'cos we cant control our tongue 

Lunch  12-2m  
eat how much you need, dont eat excess , 
dont eat 2 more varieties of non veg at once  ,
 it take time to supply all over body 
if your  you take  non-veg  in lunch  dont  take in dinner 
if  you take also  take it less ,
we always  eat more  may be b'cos we like taste  
eat green vegetables  drink  water  more  
but  dont  drink  cold  water  freezed  it  makes  you fat  

Dinner 8-10am
take dinner  very less  , we all  have dinner
  with different  dishes , what ever  it is  take it less 

  take a  glass milk  before sleep  

take  non-veg as less as  you can  ,  its  is  the main source of excess fat  some times body cant digest some food and  its  make thyroids
just   use your knowledge   and think  
why  our neighbors  get diabetes  what  they had  we live  with them  
some got  sugar , some  got  thyroids , some got BP
its  all  happens  because of  what  we  eat  
now we have  to  make ourself  healthy  
not  to face  any health problems  

For  good  health  
 eat  good food
  less food  healthy food