helps to increase you followers-- Twitter

Here are some apps help  using  twitter  
and suggest you  how  to earn more money  

  • – shows you who you are following that is not following you.
  • – shows you what tweets caused you to gain or lose followers
  • – directory of Twitter users tagged by topic
  • http://www.tweriod – tells you when your followers are online
  • – popular app that measure a user’s influence based on a number of Twitter metrics
  • – an app that helps you manage follows/followers
  • – a ‘Yellow Pages’ for Twitter users
  • – ranks Twitter users by number of followers and also provides statistics on your followers if you sign up.
  • – find users with similar interests
  • – generate a daily or weekly online ‘paper’ showing links posted by the people you follow or a Twitter list you have created. I find that many of the people included really appreciate being included and retweet the link that comes out under my account so it has brought a number of new followers with relevant interests.
  • – compare follows/followers of two or more users
  • – another app to compare follows and followers between two users.
  • – $45 after a 7 day trial for app that will send follow requests to related accounts.
  • – top Twitter accounts that will follow you back (from 2009, but still useful if you want to try getting more followers by following a good few that auto follow back.)