Nokia E72

This phone is the best match for all business executives and high level management people as they can use this mobile anywhere to communicate. You can use it in school, mall, college, theatre etc through the WI-FI present in it. USB 2.0 is given for card adaptability and for connection purposes. Speed of the USB connections are also at good rates. BLUETOOTH is present for wireless communication. You can transfer your favorite audio and video files, pictures, documents and much more at a very good transfer speed. This mobile has an optical navigation key that lets you scroll through the screen items and it helps in easy e-mail and message reading. It has a 3.5mm audio jack and it is at the top of the device. Audio clarity has been enhanced by Nokia and you can hear even small sounds in good quality. Camera is also upgraded to 5MP and it can support 10.2Mbps connection. You get crystal clear quality images from this 5MP mobile. Call quality has been improved and Nokia has done a very good active noise cancellation.

GPS also has been enhanced when compared with its predecessor with more new maps. Digital compass in this mobile helps the user in finding his way and the maps present in the mobile is made simple and it is well organized. You get a new version of Microsoft office and this phone comes with a Microsoft office 2007 version. Mobile price is around 350 Euro and this may vary depending upon the country and local taxes.

With all these features there is no doubt that E72 is the best model that suits a business professional.