The Ice Hotel in Sweden

The Ice Hotel in Sweden is 6,000 square feet of ice and snow making it the biggest ice hotel in the world. 
The beds of the hotels are specially made of snow, 
ice and reindeer skins. Guests sleep on these beds in a thermal sleeping bag to keep warm. The hotel is rebuilt every winter after it melts. 
Each time the hotel is rebuilt they make changes to it. 
The hotel is open for 3 months out of the year.
Sweden's ice hotel about the newest trend in winter travel: 
Ice Hotels! It is basically an over sized iglo where you can sleep in one of their 30 suites or even get married in their ice chapell!
If you are cold you can also go to the iglo bar and heat your self on their special vodka drinks. 
And if that doesn’t keep you warm it is probably better to crawl into your ice bed where you have layers of down, blankets and fury reindeer skin (!) 
to save you from hypothermia.
This is the ultimate a little winter travel adventure that will stick in your memory for life and if you don’t have the guts or energy too build your own iglo,
 why not go to sweden for a luxury one? 
Just remember to go in winter;
 not even in the arctic Scandinavia can you live in an iglo in July