Stylish bookshelf

Stylish bookshelf

1. cave-bookshelf
The Cave Bookshelf(EUR 3,600-EUR 5,250) designed by Sakura Adachi.
This bookself provide reading place or cave, just and book, it is a good place you communicate with book.

2.Balance shelf

Balancing Shelf by Denis Oh: “Maintain the Balance of your Knowledge”.

3.Book & shelf

Book & shelf created by Haba Yoshitaka concept takes individualist fetishism to the limit.

4.Ellipse Bookcase

The Ellipse Bookcase has a really beautiful design, that will definitely enhance the beauty of any room. The ellipse bookcase is made up of hard tough elm tree wood and layers of wood veneer. The shelves are covered with unrolled bamboo. Unfortunately if you have a lot of books this bookcase is not for you, this bookcase is for someone who cares more about how things look like, and is not so interested in the books that are on the shelves

5. Book seat shelf  chair 

6.Equation Book shelf 

The Equation Bookshelf is designed by Marcos Breder and is a simple idea of to divide things in priority order. As you can see the design is quite unique, stylish and original.

7.Ron Arad Bookworm Bookshelf
An artist creativity combined with a great company’s technology, gives life to a bookcase design of industrial scale that can rightfully be considered the world’s most daring and revolutionary: Bookworm, the flexible bookshelf. A careful analysis of extrusion technology has allowed the creation of a curvy bookcase which assumes any desired shape, without compromising toughness and functionality.