Want to make Money online

Want to make Money online 

Do you want to  make  money online
here  is  a few  genuine money making sites 
some are  free  join and  also  premium  
i know  what  you are  think  now   
 most of  you  people  think negative and  left  big earning opportunity 
i know  money making  in online is  difficult 
think  all jobs are difficult if  you dont work whole month
you cant get  salary  on end of the  month
but here spend  less time  and 
 less money  to earn more
have a look at these site   hope u get an idea 


Neobux is one of the best paid -paid-click service ,its a free join site , they pay nearly 200$ per month ,and if u are a premium holder you may get more , take 10 mins everyday click links just for time pass 
i am sure  you win big  money
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Clicksense.com  is another  paid to click site 
you get paid quickly  here  , its a free join site  
here  one  game is  there  click grid  there  u can  
get 5$ , this  site  pays  min10$ per month 
if  u  earn more than 10$ they pay up to 70$
good money just spend 10mins a day  


 Here you could made profit  easy and fast 
its  a free joining site 
here you have more chances to earn more money you just need  to finish tasks  minimum payment 1$, if u make 1$ u can  take your money 


this is  same  like  clicksia.com it paid1$ i got my money here  
i have proof   you could get here  
after earning 1$ u cant take money  

5. alertpay.com

This site helps you  transfer money to your account , its most trustable site 
you can purchase gift from this site

*Important note  
IF you become Premium account you have more chances to earn more money