2013 -top 10 rich people

This year 2013 Forbes announced top ten richest people around the world
there is little change compare to last year list
Top ten richest persons are
1.Carlos Slim Helú
2.Bill gates
3.Amancio Ortega
4. Warren Buffet
5. Larry Ellison
6. Charles Koch
7.David Koch
8. Li Ka-shing
9.Liliane Bettencourt
10. Bernard Arnault

1.Carlos Slim Helú
age 73
Net wroth -US$74 billion
He is a Mexican business magnate and philanthropist who has at various times been noted as the world's wealthiest person. He is the chairman and CEO of telecommunications companies Telmex and América Móvil and has extensive holdings in other Mexican US$74 billion and from these estimates he is the wealthiest person in the world.

2.Bill gates
Net worth-Us$-67 billion
Bill gates no need of introduction
He is chairman of Microsoft, the software company he founded with Paul Allen. Gates held the positions of CEO and chief software architect, and remains the largest individual shareholder, with more than 8 percent of the common stock.
He has also authored or co-authored several books.
he donateded lots of money

3 Amancio Ortega
age 77
Net worth- Us$-57 Billions
from Spain
Spain's Amancio Ortega is the year's biggest gainer, .He moves into the top three among the world's richest for the first time. he started his carrier as gofer in a shirt store
He is now 3rd richest person in the world

4.Warren Buffet
Net worth - 53.5$ Billion
He is an American industrialist and philanthropist. He is widely regarded as one of the most successful investors in the world. Often called the "legendary investor, Warren Buffett",
Buffett is called the "Oracle of Omaha" or the "Sage of Omaha" and is noted for his adherence to the value investing philosophy and for his personal frugality despite his immense wealth.Buffett is also a notable philanthropist, having pledged to give away 99 percent of his fortune to philanthropic causes, primarily via the Gates Foundation. He also serves as a member of the board
of trustees at Grinnell College

5. Larry Ellison
Net worth- $43 Billions
Larry Ellison, America's third richest man, has been on a real estate buying spree.
he is 5th wealthiest person

6.Charles Koch
Net worth- $34 Billion
The world's sixth-richest person (tied with brother David) built his fortune around refining and chemicals, the

right places to be last year amid falling natural-gas prices and recovering demand. Koch Industries,

7.David Koch
Net worth-$34 Billion
Tied with older brother Charles as the world's sixth-richest person, David runs the chemical equipment side of Koch Industries from his home in New York. His wealth climbed $9 billion last year,

8.Li Ka-shing

Net worth $31 Billion
Asia's richest person Li Ka-shing added $5.5 billion to his fortune as shares of his biggest holdings, he is using social media to increase his income

9.Liliane Bettencourt
Net worth $30 Billion
At age 90, Liliane Bettencourt is the world's richest woman, and returns to the top ten wealthiest for the first
time since 1999. she own L'Oreal company , she and her family develops business she is 9th richest person in the world , and first richest woman 2013

10.Bernard Arnault
Net worth-$29Billion
Bernard Arnault is a French businessman best known as the chairman and CEO of the French conglomerate LVMH, the largest luxury-products company in the world. According to Forbes Magazine, Arnault is the world's 4th and Europe's richest person, with a 2011 net worth of US$41 billion.