crazy roads

Stelvio Pass - Eastern Alps, Italy

This is very long road  on mountain  it contains  48 hairpin turns   ,
this  road  passes from  Italy to Bolivia 

this  road Built in the 1970s under President Nicolae Ceauşescu as a means to mobilize armed forces in the event of a Soviet invasion, this roadway

Heaven Linking Avenue

Hunan Province, China 
This  road  looks  like  path to heaven  it has  99 turns to symbolise Heaven's nine palaces, leading you on a windy upwards road directly into the clouds.
this  is china's  most dangerous road  

Yungas Road - Bolivia

Very very dangerous  road
 One estimate is that 200 to 300 travellers are killed yearly along the road  

China's Guoliang Tunnel

 This road was carved through a mountain and was dug out by 15 villagers,
 taking them five years to finish the 0.8 mile stretch. 
so many died  in this  construction