5 special and creative Concept phones

Future is very interesting and future  technology  
very very interesting  here 5 concept phones
with advance features   might come in future 
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1.Color Rings

The BCK design team, including Vera Kade, Javier Bertani and Ezequiel Castro created a very original communication device, a phone accessory concept that includes a microphone and a headset. They are shaped like rings and placed on the fingers of the user.

You can wear the rings on the thumb and little finger, so they’ll connect wireless to your handset. In order to make a call you need to make the classic call sign with your fingers (point the thumb and little finger towards the ear and mouth, respectively) and it’ll work thanks to incorporated distance sensors.

2 .The Conduit Mobile Phone

Designed by Tirshathah Hunter, the Conduit mobile phone is in fact three devices packed into a single shell: a PDA (with stylus), a cellphone with camera and a very slim handset. The design was created for SKY/Pantech, the Korean cellphone company that spawned so many original concepts over the years.
This can be considered a modular device, since it can switch its looks and functionality depending on the components you attach to it. When you’re using the standard slim phone, you’ll rely on voice commands and a scroll tool for calls and texting, since there’s no keyboard.
Notice the cool metallic look of the Conduit Phone, that’ll appeal to geeks and fashionistas alike, as if the phone was a splinter of the Pompidou centre, with the pipes resemblance and all.

3.KU stylish Phone

3D images, holograms tiny embedded projectors… this is what we get to see on the latest concept phones, that have gone way past the idea of a normal display or a touchscreen. Ilya Tkach created a neat concept phone, known as Ku! that uses a giant flexible OLED screen that can produce buttons and wipers by passing an electric current through the display.

The Ku! phone forms keys on the surface of the handset for particular apps and also supports feedback according to the user’s presses, imitating the analog control solutions. The OLED display is also an energy-saving one and the phone is quite ergonomic and comfortable to use.
At the back of the Ku! there’s a stand, used to place the device as an alarm clock, photo frame, even OLED lamp, if you want to be really fancy.


The new concept from Mac Funamizu does take phone designing to the next level. Named as “Wild Fold”, the unique thing about this phone is that it can be folded in more ways than one. So whatever your mood or desire be, if you like the sleek, short, long or even flip design, all you need to do is fold the same in the manner you need and voila you have the phone of your choice! And what’s more, it also has the touch screen facility, so one need not scramble for buttons to dial. Just use this amazingly designed conceptual phone and dial your blues away.

5.The Packet Concept Phone

What you can see below is the Packet concept phone the winner of the Istanbul Design Week 2007, created by Emir Rifat ISIK. It’s a surprising device measuring only 5 x 5 cm (folded), which opens up to show its user 5 surfaces which include a keypad, 2 mini keywords touch sensitive buttons.
The handset is made out of some sort of e-paper, that’s touch-sensitive and makes the device extremely light and thin. It may also be made of Eco friendly , so we’ll be high tech and “green” at the same time, in case this design turns into a real phone.