5 Foods help you in losing weight

Do you know by eating some food 
 we can loose weight how amazing right 
 Eating foods rich is fiber and protein like fruits, vegetables, 
 ean meat and whole grains can increase the number of 
calories you burn by as much as 30%, so adding these 
foods to your diet can hasten weight loss.


 Avocado contains all 9 essential amino acids as well as omega-3 fatty
acids that are great for your heart. Slice and add low-fat cheese plus lots
of veggies on a whole wheat roll for a satisfying sandwich at lunchtime.
Or fill with a protein-packed tuna salad made with green onions and low-fat mayo.


In addition to being delicious, this veggie packs 4 grams of protein into
 one cup. Steam and serve with lemon juice for a low-fat side dish that’s
 high in nutrition.


This leafy green is a powerhouse, packing 5 grams of protein into one cup
of cooked spinach. Mix with mushrooms and vinaigrette for a nutrient-
packed salad or steam with garlic. Spinach is also a great addition to
lentil and other soups.


The egg is one of nature’s most perfect foods, with two packing 12 grams
of protein. Four egg whites have 14 grams of protein, so either is a great
substitute for meat. Add veggies and low-fat cheese for a tasty omelet, or
chop boiled eggs with mustard, spices and yogurt for a tangy egg salad.

# Spicy peppers

Although they aren’t high in protein, hot peppers like jalapenos, habaneros
and Thai chilies can kick up your metabolism by speeding up your heart rate.
Consuming a very spicy meal can boost your metabolism by up to 25% for as
long as three hours, so it’s a good idea to always have some Sriracha or
Tabasco sauce handy to heat up dishes that need a little spice. Peppers can
be part of an Asian stir-fry or add zing to homemade chili. No food can be
bland or boring if you turn up the temperature with hot peppers!