Bubble Hotel - experience the nature in a different way

in France a Hotel named The Attrap’Rêves hotel offers their 
visitors a fully furnished bubbles 
hotel is very unique, those who take  room in that hotel 
 they get a bubble  to stay  its very comfortable  to stay  

Hotel is  located in woodland just ten miles north of Marseille. 

The Attrap'Rjves family hotel gives great adventure to travelers
 its really awesome to spend a night under the stars without resorting to tents great feeling

Price starts  at €109 (US$137) and range up to €499 (US$625)
depending on what location, season, and amenities you choose for your visit.

  outdoor lovers can enjoy a stay in a two-person bubble room,
 made from transparent plastic, and soak up stunning scenery,
natural beauty and astronomy.

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