Top 5 worst breakfast foods you should never eat

Do you  know eating breakfast is very important,
cause it is set to ate at A.M.  and also
a good breakfast  makes you fit and active at work .
A hungry tummy never concentrate at work ,
some foods leads us sick and causes cancer
here are  some  breakfast foods  to avoid

1. Muffin
Most caloric breakfast foods
 Muffins are also made with high fat quantities, a decent portion of which is saturated. Forget the low-fat versions, too; they still contain a similar quantity of sugar to the regular versions. Don’t be fooled by the bran or muesli muffins that contain fruit because they contain too little goodness to negate the sugars and fats.

2.Bacon, ham and sausage
Those who  eat  meat at morning they should stop now,
cause  meat has nitrates that are causes cancer
the Institute for Cancer Research published a list of the top ten things
you can do to reduce your risk of cancer

cereals are  one of the choice on this list of worst breakfast foods,
plenty of regular cereals are actually packed with sugar and, thus,
 warrant a place here for the simple fact that you’re getting a dose
of something you aren’t fully aware of
Choose a high-fiber one that is low in sugar.

 pancakes is not a healthy option
A pancake is typically a mixture of flour, eggs, milk, and butter.
It’ll be almost always a whole (full fat) milk too

5.Toaster pastries, doughnuts and Danishes
pastries made with refined white flour, but there is much sugar added.
 Sugar is the worst way to fuel you in the morning, because it results in a rapid rise in blood sugar.
 That means you will be hungry sooner and increase your chances of high blood sugar,
obesity and diabetes. If all those health risks are not enough to put you off pastries,
there is the other way they can be detrimental to your health.
As many scientists believe sugar and cancer are linked.